jQuery image gallery plugin free download

free jquery banner plugin

jQuery web banner



jQuery web banner free download, Its simple just try it.

This plugin is SEO compliant, so the statement of the slideshow elements is only in HTML.
If you wish, you can add one or more sliders on a same page.

7 Websites to Learn HTML and CSS for Novice Web Designers

Learn HTML and CSS for Novice Web Designers

learn html css

Learning the very basics of HTML is not as difficult as it seems, plus you do not need any sort of decompiler if you have a computer with a Windows operating system. In fact, for really basic HTML programming you only need the notepad that comes with all Windows operating systems. Once you get to grips with the basics of HTML, you are going to find CSS a lot easier too.

If you want to move over into programming software then starting with HTML concepts is a good place to begin understanding how we may communicate with our computers, since HTML is just another way of communicating with a web browser.

1. Shay Howe’s “A Practical Guide to HTML & CSS,”

Find it here: http://learn.shayhowe.com/html-css/

This is a website that helps you learn how to code with HTML and CSS. It is great for beginners and offers you help in creating your first website. It teaches many of the fundamentals and teaches you some of the things you will need if you want to move on to a more advanced series. It goes over a lot of the common elements involved with basic design and development.

2. Site Point

Find it here: http://www.sitepoint.com/html-css-beginners-guide/

This is a programming website that will teach you how to make a website. It has been around a long time and they now have a lot of resources to help you write and develop your website. There are books, articles, courses, a private course and tutorials that you may use to learn the basics (for beginners). There are a lot of resources within this website, and they have made it beginner friendly.

3. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Find it here: http://www.w3.org/standards/webdesign/htmlcss

This is a website that shows you all about website standards. They are good to learn if you are really going to bite the bullet and take on website design from the ground up. There are a lot of elements that go into making a secure and stable website and the fundamentals of this may be learned on this website. It is the most up-to-date authority on HTML, which also includes the most recent HTML5. It is better if you get a handle on HTML before you start exploring. A HTML novice is welcome, but an absolute beginner is probably going to struggle. This website represents the people who work to improve the standard of HTML, and people check their websites against their rules to see if they are making the most of their web coding.

4. Mozilla Webmaker

Find it here: https://webmaker.org/en-US/

This is an interactive toolset that you can use as a beginner. There are code editors that are interactive to help you learn and some of the tools have been made to be fun so that it takes the grind out of learning how to write a website. There are tutorials you may take and there are functions that let you peek at the web code of other websites to see how they do it. You may also start a little deeper with a template if you wish. This tool can be fun for people to use and learn from.

5. Code Academy

Find it here: http://www.codecademy.com/

This is a website that hosts interactive programming lesson. Within this website you are able to learn HTML. You have to sign u profile an account, but when you do you are able to start enjoying learning about programming for free. You may also learn Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP. Learning JavaScript and PHP will also help you if you want to really get into learning website design. This website is one of the better known websites on this article when it comes to learning how to write websites.

6. HTML Dog

Find it here: http://www.htmldog.com/guides/html/beginner/

This is a website that teaches you CSS, HTML and JavaScript. They have broken up the courses to make it so beginners may use it. The website teachings are broken into beginner, intermediate and advanced, which obviously means you may move up as you learn more. You can also go at your own pace as you learn.

7. Code Avengers

Find it here: http://www.codeavengers.com/web/1

This is a programming website that offers you tutorials online. The tutorials are interactive in order to make the whole process easier, and it teach you how to program with HTML and CSS. They also teach JavaScript and have three interactive levels that you can advance as you learn more. They also teach you how to build apps and games from scratch.

Author’s bio:

The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson from cool-essays.com. She helps you in writing essays and research papers on different topics. Feel free to approach.

Get Help of Calgary Web Development to Work on Design System for Your Site


The web design and development process is evolving at a rapid speed and along with this responsive website designs becoming the latest trend of designing websites. Whereas responsive design frameworks are concerned, they are making it possible to develop sites faster, better and easier.

When you want to have a website designed for your business, you need to understand that the design is everything and it is the system that makes up your product.

web development article

web development article

Design System of a Website Development

A design system consists of several different elements. Therefore, you need to take everything into consideration while getting your business site designed. It is essential to take into account elements like typography, colours, icons, layouts, grids, coding conventions, documentations, voice-tone, and style-guide. A design system is a procedure that brings all these elements together and helps your site look at its best.

How to Start Designing Your Website

Before you design your website, you should establish some top level goals so that your website becomes successful.


Always get your approach right and have a well thought-out structure. Avoid messy code base while developing your site.


In the future, your site may require some of the features to be added and bugs needed to be fixed. So, you should get proper guidelines and coding conventions to fix problems easily if occurs any.


You always strive to grow your business. So, you should make sure that your website will grow too. Therefore, your new product pages or promotional pages should not be unpleasant any more.

Once you have set your objectives, you need to do an extensive research work. You can start with HTML semantics and front-end architecture. Once you are getting into developing your site, you are going to face identical modules and components in different ways. If you fail to devote extra time, you are going to have messy codebases.

If you wish you can use Inuit CSS or BootStrap. But before that you should set guidelines for HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes and think about your next approach.

How to Use Coding Conventions

Set your own set of coding guidelines based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS guidelines. For easier process, you can name these guidelines. This will be easier to understand and easier to work with your project.

Developing Structure for Base Style

Now it is time to create a primary style sheet, which can be similar to BootStrap and InuitCSS. This will help import all of site styles together. It will be better if you keep all these site styles together in a few folders.

Building Components

Once the base style is in place, have a look at the website as a whole and identify each component. The components can be anything from grid, tiles for the designs. There are more things to add to your site design such as call to action links, buttons, navigation and hero units. Take help of InuitCSS for building components. Now keep all these objects into a folder.

Building Modules

While all components are ready, use building blocks to create modules for each page. When you are finished creating various modules, keep them in a folder.

Creating Patterns

When components and modules are ready, plug them into a style guide. Once you can easily access to the style guide, creating templates for web pages becomes an easy task. It is nothing but integrating and matching modules and customising them when it is required to make your site look great.

Keep in mind that building a design system for your website is quite a tough job, involving lots of trial and error. So, if it takes a lot of time to create a site or fix it, you will end up being confused and having no results. Hence, it is better to get help from an expert web developing firm like Calgary web development firm to have an error free site. So, get in touch with the team and have a site that works for your business.

About the author:

Leigh McDonald has attended Chicago University to pursue graduate program in Laws. He is currently associated with technical writing for different tech blogs. His area of specialization is web design, development and mobile site development. He suggests you refer to the expert Calgary web development team for a high quality website design.

Impress Your Viewers with a Creatively Designed Logo

Creatively Designed Logo

Creatively Designed Logo

While planning to have an online corporate identity, the first and the important thing which you need to know is ‘how to create a brand image of your company?’ Today, finding the answer to this question is not as challenging as it seems. ‘Designing a logo’ is a must when it comes to website design & development. You might have heard of the term ‘logo design’ but not aware of its exact definition. Well then, you don’t have to worry at all.

There is no doubt in saying that a logo helps in representing an organization graphically. In fact, it will be better to say that it helps in creating a brand image of a company. Designing a logo means putting forward the purpose of a business on the web in an artistic manner.

There is a common saying that ‘first impression is the last impression’. If you want to have a strong existence in the world of web, then impressing the viewers of your new or existing site is essential rather mandatory for you. This not only helps in increasing the number of visitors to your site but also brings maximum profit to your business. In addition to this, designing a logo creatively can make your site appealing to the visitors from all over the world.

After discussing much about the uses and significance of logos, it’s time for you get the answer of your question ‘how and from where to design an attractive and good-looking logo for your website?’ A reliable graphic and logo designing company can give you the answer of your question by creatively designing a logo as per the purpose of the site.

Joining hands with a reputed graphic and logo designing company in India among numerous ones is worthwhile for an owner of a site, because they use latest techniques and cutting-edge technologies for designing a logo exclusively. At the same time a well-known company comprises logo designers in India those who are creative and dedicated enough to create highly marketable and attractive logo.

Experienced designers of a reputed graphic and logo designing company based in India can undoubtedly create alluring logo for creating a brand image of your organization by using advanced color applications. Some of the reputed Indian organizations make use of logo design software which is easy to download and most importantly which helps in creating elegant logos with a touch of professionalism.

10 Creative Logo Designs Inspiration

Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

10 creative logo design inspirations hope you find them useful.

1. Spartan

creative logo design inspration

creative logo design

2. Go-tickets

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

3. Blue Elephant

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

4. Mushroom

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

5. Cook eat Love

creative logo design samples

creative logo design

6. Girls Talkin Smack

creative logo design samples

creative logo design

7. Doodie Call

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

8. Barknews Media

Best creative logo designs

creative logo design

9. Colour Fruit

Creative logo design examples

creative logo design

10. BarCode

best creative logo design

creative logo design

jQuery Animated Header Background

jQuery animations

animation header

jQuery Animated Header

Why not give a little flair to your header. This tutorial will show you how to animate your header’s background image animation using jQuery to give your website that little extra something.

What is the Shared Hosting?

web hosting

what is shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is equal experience in an lodging where you deal a democratic grapheme with your neighbors. You cannot alter anything but you assets mending toll and trustiness with your neighbors. Shared hosting is the most commonly misused method of hosting, and is victimized for customers who feature chosen effort or low-cost hosting packages.
You can opt for a Shared hosting if you trespass in any of the shadowing categories:

Having an arrangement to start-up a proceed using your own or borrowed capital.

Expecting a low initial order of visitors say 500 per day.

Narrow sign of email accounts to be set up as you currently someone exclusive a qualified identify of employees.

Thinking to legion and affirm only your web tract and a match of blogs etc.

In any of the succeeding cases you can try the joint hosting alternative before committing yourself for something large.

jQuery Flip Book Gallery

flip book gallery

flip book animation

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Flip book animation,
A “look inside” book preview with BookBlock. A concept for book showcases or online book stores that shows a grid of books with the options to view the details and to look inside of the book, opening the BookBlock in fullscreen and allowing for a 3D page navigation.

One Page Websites Designs for Inspiration

One page websites have been trendy for a while now and still it’s amazing,

Sam Markiewicz

website design inspration

one page website templates

Lets Yep!

one page animation web design

web site design inspiration

Brave People

Animation website templates

animation web design samples

visionary vanguard


One Page Scrolling website


animation website design examples

animation web site design

Ullevi Preparty Area

one page animation website

one page animation website







WordPress Shortcodes Plugin Free Download

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin Free Download

wp shortcodes plugin free download

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WordPress Shortcodes Plugin Features:
All buttons have the option of either rounded or straight corners, a selection of usable colors, theme specific styling, plus pick your own color using the provided color picker in the shortcode generator. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Social Icons
A wide range of icons from both Icon Dock and Fontello meaning you have both graphical and retina ready (HiDPI) scalable icons at your disposal.

You have the most usable columns in this plugin, and they are responsive, which means they go from multi-column to single column on smaller screens without you having to do anything.

Pull Quotes
Get your quotes to stand out in your posts with either a left or right pull quote option. Available in 7 default color settings or choose your own to match your website using the built-in color picker.

Easy to setup and use, you can have as many toggles as you wish, with or without an icon before the header and either open or closed on load.

Accordions can be a great way of presenting a lot of information in a small space and with these easy to setup accordions you can even choose an icon for each accordion heading, and choose which ones to have open or closed on page load.

Tabs are another great way to present lots of information – add your heading and your content for each tab easily with this plugin.

Grab your users attention by using the easy to create alert boxes shortcode. With 5 default color options, plus your own color choice from the color picker you even get to choose from hundreds of icons if you wish!

With our shortcode plugin simply copy the entire URL from Youtube or Vimeo and place in the space provided and the code does the rest. We wrap the URL in a truly responsive solution to look gorgeous on any screen resolution.

Google Map
Add a Google map to your content easily by entering your Long. and Lat. coordinates (link supplied to get this). With settings for width and height plus your text window.


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