Free Image Content Slider With jQuery

Free content image slide animation banner

free banner slide animation




  • Panels are HTML Content (can be anything).
  • Multiple AnythingSliders allowable per-page.
  • Infinite/Continuous sliding (always slides in the direction you are going, even at “last” slide).
  • Optionally resize each panel (specified per panel in css).
  • Optional Next / Previous Panel Arrows.
  • Use keyboard navigation or tabs that are built and added dynamically (any number of panels).
  • Link to specific slides or go forward or back one slide from static text links – go to Slide 4 (Quote #2) in second example.
  • Each panel has a hashtag (can link directly to specific panels).
  • Optional custom function for formatting navigation text.
  • Auto-playing slideshow (optional feature, can start playing or stopped)
  • Pauses playing YouTube videos when not in view and resumes them when in view (only in non-IE browsers & if files are hosted on the web).
  • Pauses slideshow on hover (optional).
  • Optionally play the slideshow once through, stopping on the last page.


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