10 secrets for good design of online-store


Why does the design of your online store matter? Because it is the shop front for your entire business. Your website may be the only interaction that your customer ever has with your company. It may be the only time that they ever even hear of your company, so you need to make sure that you make a very good impression. You need to be sure that from the word “go” your website does what it is supposed to, that it looks pleasing to the eye, that it appeals to the right person, and that the user is unhindered in their purchase. They need to be able to find what they want, and pay for it, with the least amount of fuss, and your website’s design will help with that.

1 – Choose a niche that appeals to your customers
You should choose a niche design that will appeal to your customer base, but that will also be in keeping with your brand and brand values. For example, if you are looking to sell jewelry, then a darker background with very light pictures is going to work well for you. Not to mention the use of a little bit of script-font writing.
2 – You need to put lots of work into it
A good design is one that is being updated, changed and improved all the time. A good design is one that is more dynamic because the designer keeps going back and making improvements. Testing improvements is also important if a designer wishes to create a good online store design, because any poor changes must be corrected as soon as possible.
3 – Try to remain genuine with your design
Being overly attentive or overly promotional with your design will cast doubt over your credibility. People will think that your site is a hacker’s site, a con artists site, or a malware site. People will look at your site and be put off because it is phony or unrealistic. Try to maintain a professional demeanor and try to come across as more genuine.
4 – Do not skimp on your production values
The look of the site is critically important. High production values means that you have invested time and money into the site. Basic and simple HTML code looks cheap. Even a website that is made completely of HTML can still look good so long as time and money is invested in it development (to improve its production values).
5 – Make the site easy to use with a simple design
You can make your site a complex one to use, but do not forget that it is an online store. This means that if you make it complex, then you are putting more barriers in the way of a sale. The design of your website should be simple so that people can find what they want, buy it and then get out with similar ease.
6 – Your service matters a lot
The design of your store should take note of your excellent customer service. Install widgets or devices that allow people to see how good your customer service is. Reassure them that your customer service beyond reproach, and that it is there whenever it is needed. Some clever linking and widgets may help to prove this fact.
7 – Allow the design to hold its own promotions
Some people leave space for affiliate adverts. You should leave space for your own adverts. These are adverts for your other sites, or are adverts that suggest other products. At the bottom of each page there should be a suggested product section. This section will show products that people may like to buy if they bought your current item.
8 – Allow prices to fall and adjust
This is part web design, part content management and a dash of programming. You need to set up a design that allows you to apply discounts to your products. For example, if you want to sell products where a person gets the cheapest item free, then you need to design a site that can show those discounts straight away.
9 – Allow your design to be changed
This may sound like a vote for modular designs, but it is not. It is simply a way of saying that sleek web code may not be your best friend. If you put all of your website into one perfect and slim piece of code then it will function very well (after the bugs are squashed). But any changes will result in a house of cards effect, where bugs will appear from every direction.
10 – Think about being SEO friendly
For a start this will mean adding all of the SEO guideline items such as Meta tags, etc. But it will also involve things such as not making the page too heavy, and not doing something such as repeating the brands tag-line on every page (unless it is in an image).

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