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Winning the Day with Online Shopping Design

Online shopping is the way of the future. Increasingly, brick and mortar retail stores are falling away to online sites that offer wares for delivery or download online. As just one example of this, e-paper sales are expected to hit almost 10 billion dollars in just a few years. This means that the stores that put up the best online stores the fastest will be raking in more and more capital in the coming years as the trend moves inexorably in that direction. After all, some are predicting more mobile devices than people by 2016. That is quite a lot of opportunities for sales.

Conversion Rate
A site’s “conversion rate” refers to how many of the visitors of the site go onto actually purchase goods or services on the site. One of the benefits of creating a high quality shopping area on your site is that it will help increase the conversion rate, and so increase your takeaway paycheck. There are many different ways to do this, the following outline just a few:

Obvious Buttons – Users who can’t see an easy way to add products they are interested in to their shopping cart will go elsewhere. This is why it’s super important that you make big, bold, obvious buttons that users can see and that they want to click on. Maximizing something as easy as this can have a huge effect on your conversion rate. It’s entirely possible that the rest of your site was convincing, but viewers just couldn’t find the “buy” button!

Clear Return Policy – If you include a clear return policy right up front in your design, users will feel much safer buying your products. This creates a trust connection that can go much farther than many flashy tricks. You’ll retain a lot more users who will otherwise move on this way.

Be Memorable – The worst thing you can do when trying to increase conversion rate on your site is be simply ordinary. If your site looks the same every other site out there, then users will be just as likely to go elsewhere. Add prominent sales information, bring your most unique items to the fore with “featured” sections and your conversion rate can only climb.

Standing Out
The trick to succeeding in Internet sales is to make the most awesome experience the user has had that day. There are a few simple tricks you can use to get yourself thinking in the right direction.

Give the Reader Something Free – This can be something as simple as information. If you have a detailed section about exactly what one of your products does, and the section has links and info that no other site has, then you are much more likely to create trust and value that a potential Internet customer will respect.

Have a Unique Style – If you’re designing a site selling plush zoo animals, then add designs that make people think zoo. This could be a rain forest background, pictures of real zoo animals, and so on. If you’re able to get people excited about your topic through your style, they will be more inclined to buy.
Winning the Day

What will let you win the day with your site design is a site that stands out with unique professionalism. Getting the customer in the right mood and convincing them that your site knows what it’s about is key. And if you can get a reader to say, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before,” then you’ve got them halfway to the “buy now” button!

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