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The web page for top schools advertised the various activities these schools were performing. Each of these advertised the awards and accreditations in the most impressive manner. Overlooking the entire content of the website, the mother lingered on to a small corner for Kindergarten, that read, “We Care For Your Child”, and the school was decided!!
That is Emotion. Care reading more on this page?? YOU WILL, I bet!! Because, it struck a chord of emotion within yourself. In spite of knowing that it has got nothing to do with the website design. In spite of having heard the similar stories umpteen times already. Instead of knowing that the category relates to the technical blogs, you CONTINUE reading this…
AND THAT IS THE WINNING MOTIVE…Strike The Emotion !! This write-up aims at mingling the emotions with the content that can relate directly with the audience, to feel the presence of ‘human’ factor on the screen.

Connect to the Audience

That is, the readers of the website. Try to understand what they demand exactly, rather than what is being provided on the page. It may not be 100% informative, may be a little of it is too funny to be considered for the Nobel Prize for innovations, but it is sure to win the readers. They need information, they need fun, they need both at the same moment.


Monotone has no space here. The audience demands a fresh deal of look, ideas, thoughts every day, every moment. Consider it an integral necessity to bring a change frequently into the website. Let it appear according to the human mood, changing constantly, yet keeping the relevance to a significant degree. A good start is essential, so is the flair of content, that is strong but dynamic.

A Message Carrier

Whatever be the first thing on the website let it carry a message. The text, or the logo, or the RSS Feed, or the picture, anything. Let it reveal a strong message that clearly states what the website is meant for. Remember, the reader is not going to stay long at the same page, if he does not feel the information pertains to what the website stated. So, it is important to keep the FEEL of the information, along with the information, very clear and clean.

Play On The Words

Teaching the primary class the use of the word “hyphenated”: There used to be a space between these two words, but that no more exists, because “hyphen ate it” !!
And surely, they are going to remember this ever after… That is the power of words. Twist the words, play with those, mould those, modify those, do anything that you can think of, with the words, just do not quit playing. That is the essence of every subject. The famous story of Cindrella, with at least 1000 books written on the subject. Same story, different words, many books. Invoke the same into your website. The main topic presented in a different form, with the different words every time it is clicked.

Pictures and Videos

The best way to convey. Complement the page with the reflective pictures, that speak a lot, without actually saying anything. It should all be present in a picture, that, what is written on the entire page in 1000 words. A second picture, another 1000 words. There is a big percentage of audience, that scrolls down the page, without actually reading the information. And they still want to decipher if the website is any use to them. Target that percentage!!
Similarly, the videos create an exceptional impact, as they actually SPEAK, in contrast to the pictures. Many things, that question the real existence of the SUBJECT many a time on the page, can be well verified with the click on a short video.
So, does this helps making your website READY FOR A DATE on the Web??

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