How Standard Is Your Web Design?

Your Website Standards

Your Website’s Standards

Are you the real owner of your site?

By this I mean, did you just buy your site from someone else and let others maintain it? Or, you are the owner “per se” of an internet site but you hire someone to do all the admin and technical things for you? It would be a great risk if you let all essential and confidential stuff being done by someone with you having zero knowledge on the stuff around.

Nobody likes being fooled nor scammed. That is true whether or not you are running a business of your own. Truth be told,  most if not all companies online are having to pay more than a hundred of dollars (usually) to avail a  web design services.
The million dollar question is, do you have the quality one or the poor one?

The good news is, you can answer this question using a fast and simple method. There are already a number of tools online that will give you an assessment in terms of how standard is your web design. You can also jump into, key in your site address and then click the “Check” button.

This is the thing, when the result of the test says “unsuccessful validation” in red-colored writing, you will need be needing to talk to your internet designer. The more red you have, the more you need to do something.
Determining Your Website’s Standards

If something’s is good enough, it should a standard on its own. In fact, almost anything (especially profession) has a standard. In the world of medicine or law, you’ll need to do many requisites and meet the criteria of practice even before you start doing the work. Other industries, like food processing or construction, aren’t so strict about academic qualifications, however they will have standards that has to be met – like safety and health.

There is no academic qualification before you will be able to become a graphic designer. Admittedly though, there are people out there who can make the work done because they have really have studied it formally.

You just need a pc with access to the internet and also the confidence (or in some instances arrogance) to yourself to become a graphic designer.

In the other hand, a lot of people (and many designers) have no idea on what are they really to face and meet in order to construct a quality and standard website.

Knowing Web Standards

Websites are designed utilizing a computer language known as HTML. There is a proper way to program HTML and there is a wrong way. The proper way to program HTML is known as “Web Standards,” the other ways of doing it is wrong.

The main difference between your right and wrong method to program an internet site is technical. If you are in the World Wide Web to do business and be an entrepreneur, don’t worry, you need not to memorize coding and all the technical stuff. At least now, you know, you can do the test if your web design is on a right track.

However, you need to realize that in case your web design service has not used Web Standards this would mean that:

  • Your website will likely to do worse in the search engines – which means you will get less site visitors
  • It will require a longer time to be able to download – so you’ll lose a lot of site visitors you need to have
  • It might set you back more to keep the page up
  • It’s harder (and much more costly) to create changes towards the website

As much as 40% of individuals may not have the ability to call at your website correctly simply because they use different kind of computer or internet browser than your internet designer.

Obviously, you will possibly not have these complaints in case your web design service has not used Web Standards.

Take Note:

The website design validator given above is really a helpful tool for checking in case you woule like to check if your site uses high-quality HTML. There are many sites out there you can still go and visit. It is good to try one and some others for validation.

A company who do not know the web standards should not be entitled to be tagged as a “professional” web design service.
You will find sometimes that there are an acceptable cases wherein a page does not need to make use of non Web Standards approaches for logical reasons, however it needs to be an educated decision.
This article was contributed by Andrew Hiddleston, internet entrepreneur and business coach. Andrew is the founder of iConnect Media, a professional and affordable web design company also offering web developer hourly work packages.



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