What eCommerce Customers Want

Making money online is hugely popular right now. Every day, more and more online businesses are popping up. However, every day there are other eCommerce sites that are quietly going out of business.

There is a secret phenomenon in the online business world that is slowly making companies disappear. It is called a chargeback. A chargeback is a credit card refund. If a customer is dissatisfied with anything related to the credit card transaction, he or she can have it refunded. Chargebacks come with steep fines and drastic profit losses.

As a result, more than half of all online businesses fail.

Web Design, Customer Service, and Chargebacks…Oh My!
These three things are delicately woven together. Poor web design often means a dissatisfying customer experience which can result in chargebacks (if you don’t know what they are, you can learn more about the chargeback process here).

Running an eCommerce site is challenging. There is always some stressor demanding your time – backorders, problems in the warehouse, low sales months. Therefore, it is easy to forget about the actual site’s design. Once you got everything put together, you probably didn’t put much thought into it again.

If that is the case, it is high time you took a closer look at your website’s design and how it is affecting your customer service.

First Impressions
Have you ever walked into a store and been overwhelmed by the mess you found? Maybe it looked something like this?

First Impressions Your Ecommerce Site

Creative Commons photo found here courtesy of scurzuzu

Contrast that to a time when you entered a clean, spacious store.

Running an eCommerce site is challenging

Creative Commons photo found here courtesy of favarojr

What was your reaction to both of these stores? Both stores probably gave you very strong opinions about the management, quality of products and desire to meet the customers’ expectations.

When it comes to first impressions, there isn’t much difference between an eCommerce store and a brick-and-mortar store. Is your site’s design representative of shoes on the floor or a bright, cheery room?

Design matters. A good website design is interpreted as a good company.

Speedy Results

For most of us, our world revolves around instant gratification. Patience is a virtue few of us possess in spades. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to learn download speed affects conversions.

An upper-level exec at User Testing reported that increasing site speed increased his conversion rate by 78%. That sounds lovely, right?!

Readily Available

It is said that 58% of cardholders don’t contact the merchant before filing a chargeback. I wonder how many of those cardholders couldn’t contact the merchant. Where is your contact information? Is the link to your “contact us” page buried at the bottom of the homepage? I hope not!

You need to have a very thorough “contact us” page. More importantly, you need to make that page easy to find. Include as much information as possible – your email address, phone number, physical address and anything else that will be helpful to your visitors. If you have different departments in your company (accounting, sales, shipping, etc.), list those individual email addresses.

Then, take that contact information and slap it on every page on your site. Put it in the same place on each page so the customer can always grab your pertinent information the moment they need it.

Not only will this information help you prevent chargebacks, it will also help build trust with your customers. Shoppers want to do business with people they trust. If you are hiding behind your invisibility cloak, the shopper can’t get to know you. But if you are upfront and honest about who you are, you’re more likely to make the sale.

Clear and Concise

Make sure your return policy is clear, concise and easy to understand. Also, make sure it is easy to find. Include a link to your policy page in the product descriptions. Share the link in the last stages of the checkout process. Include it in the confirmation email you send.

High Quality

Only provide the best products and services available. If you avoid shoddy products, your customers won’t be able to find anything to complain about. You’ll reduce the risk of chargebacks and hang on to your well-earned money.

Also, make sure your product descriptions actually describe the product. Provide as much information as possible – height, length, width, weight, construction materials, etc.

If you haven’t put much thought in your eCommerce website design lately, I encourage you to take a second look. Really analyze your site. Are you meeting your customer’s needs? Is your store littered with discarded products or is the floor so sparkly you can see your reflection?

Take the necessary steps to improve your design today. Don’t be like the eCommerce majority. Rise above the potential chargebacks, hang on to your profits, and continue to provide excellent products and services to the masses.



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