6 Easy Ways of Optimizing Your Videos for Online Marketing and SEO

Online Marketing and SEO

Optimizing Your Videos for Online Marketing

YouTube is one of the most popular sites for video sharing, that is accessed by millions of people on a daily basis. In fact, data shows that around hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube and its count of visitors every month is nothing short of over 1 billion. Quite naturally, this is one location that many individuals as well as SEO companies India and abroad take resort to when it comes to sharing and advertising their videos.

If you are truly interested in building an audience on this popular platform, just posting a couple of videos won’t be enough. You have to do much more than that. For starters, your YouTube videos have to be optimized properly for search engine optimization, so that they can be easily found on YouTube as well as all over the internet. This prompts the question, how to optimize YouTube videos? To know the answer, read on:

Add an engaging title

Your video requires a title that has the ability to draw the attention of your audience. In other words, the title has to be descriptive; at the same time, it should contain keywords which have a connection to the video. If you want more users to click on it, you have to make your title catchy yet informative. Having more keywords in the title means there is a greater possibility of it being found on YouTube queries and search engines.

Add a suitable description

YouTube permits you to add video descriptions and it is important that you make use of this facility. The content in the description is crawled through by search engines, for the purpose of using it to give an appropriate rank to your video. If a description is not added by you, or the one added does not contain any of the valuable keywords, nobody will be able to find your video, thereby preventing you from reaping any benefits.

Add tags

You can improve the SEO of your video by adding tags to it. Tags are nothing but keyword snippets that are capable of adding value to the searchability of your videos. Tags are used by YouTube for associating one video with another so that videos having tags same as yours appear in the section ‘Related Videos’. This implies that your video can appear in the said section of the page of another user, thereby improving your SEO.

Add links to your video

Professional SEO companies India recommend addition of links to your video on other sites. This is needed for driving traffic to your site and also increasing the number of views. Links to your videos can also be placed on social media accounts and your website, with the intention of popularizing it and compelling others to see it. The number of views received by your video is directly proportional to your overall ranking. More the number of views, better is your overall ranking.

Allow comments

Some users are wary of enabling YouTube comments because they fear they will be belittled or harassed by strangers. But, the truth is that your overall SEO can actually be improved by the comments section. Content is added by comments to your YouTube page, which can be seen by the search engines. Also, the more likes and comments your videos get, the higher will be your ranking.

Transcribe the content

Are you embedding your video on a site? In that case, you should have it transcribed by a skilled transcription professional in order to improve the overall search engine optimization. Next, this content has to be placed on the site along with the embedded YouTube video. Now, it is known to all that videos cannot be crawled through by search engines; however, they can crawl through the transcription. This will enable them to identify relevant keywords and position the site containing your video accordingly. This can prove to be instrumental in pushing your video right in front of your target audience, thereby increasing your viewership.

YouTube videos can be optimized in a number of ways for SEO and their degree of success depends on  how quickly you implement the techniques mentioned above. SEO companies India advise against getting caught up in ever-changing trends; instead, take small but positive steps. After all, slow and steady wins the race, isn’t it?


Sarmista Aun is an SEO optimizer. She has several years of experience in field of digital marketing. Through her excellent writing skills she guides all newcomers in the field of digital marketing.


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