How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Web Site

How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Web Site

Boost the Domain Authority

There are many metrics the search engines used to rank Web sites. If you are aiming to have your site rank high on search engines like Google, it is important that you should not ignore these metrics. If you do ignore them, then your Web site might languish at the bottom of rankings.

One of the metrics that you should never ignore is your Web site’s domain authority. What is domain authority? What can be done to increase it?

According to creator Moz, domain authority represents its best prediction for how a Web site will perform in search engine rankings. It said that domain authority can be used to compare a Web site to another or tracking the “strength” of a Web site over time. Moz said that this metric is calculated by combining all of their other link metrics—linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.—into a single score.

In short, domain authority is the perceived power of a domain name as determined by different calculations, scores and metrics. But what can you do to increase the domain authority of your web site and be ranked higher on search engines?

Increase your backlinks

Backlinks are links that leads users or visitors on other Web sites to yours. Also called as inbound link, backlinks do increase your Web site’s domain authority. The more backlinks your Web site has, the stronger is its domain authority. The more backlinks your Web site has, the more visitors could be expected to come and visit it. You can increase your backlinks by posting comments on related contents published on other Web sites.

Connect with Popular Bloggers

The blogosphere is one wide part of the Internet world. However, there are a number of blogs or bloggers who managed to stand out among others. These famous and well known blogs and bloggers have made their names in the Internet world. If you want to compete against millions of new Web sites and blogs and achieve a good rank, then better start by connecting with those who have earned good reputations themselves.

Guest blogging on sites that have strong domain authority could as well increase your own site’s domain authority. You could start out by providing these famous Web sites and blogs with high quality content that they may publish. Such content, especially fresh and high quality ones, could attract the attention of visitors of other Web sites, and may push them to share it with others – thereby increasing the backlinks to your own Web site. No matter how many guest posts a Web site has, it would amount to nothing if they cannot entice users to visit your page.

Being Active on Social Media Sites

The power and influence of social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter cannot be denied. You have to acknowledge that these sites play an important role not only in making your Web site popular, but generating traffic. Through these social media sites, people can easily share anything, even contents on Web sites that may have sparked their interest. By being active on social media sites, you do not only attract people who may visit your Web site, you could also engage with them and actively build community for your site. This could greatly boost the domain authority of your Web site.

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