WordPress Shortcodes Plugin Free Download

Shortcodes WordPress Plugin Free Download

wp shortcodes plugin free download

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WordPress Shortcodes Plugin Features:
All buttons have the option of either rounded or straight corners, a selection of usable colors, theme specific styling, plus pick your own color using the provided color picker in the shortcode generator. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Social Icons
A wide range of icons from both Icon Dock and Fontello meaning you have both graphical and retina ready (HiDPI) scalable icons at your disposal.

You have the most usable columns in this plugin, and they are responsive, which means they go from multi-column to single column on smaller screens without you having to do anything.

Pull Quotes
Get your quotes to stand out in your posts with either a left or right pull quote option. Available in 7 default color settings or choose your own to match your website using the built-in color picker.

Easy to setup and use, you can have as many toggles as you wish, with or without an icon before the header and either open or closed on load.

Accordions can be a great way of presenting a lot of information in a small space and with these easy to setup accordions you can even choose an icon for each accordion heading, and choose which ones to have open or closed on page load.

Tabs are another great way to present lots of information – add your heading and your content for each tab easily with this plugin.

Grab your users attention by using the easy to create alert boxes shortcode. With 5 default color options, plus your own color choice from the color picker you even get to choose from hundreds of icons if you wish!

With our shortcode plugin simply copy the entire URL from Youtube or Vimeo and place in the space provided and the code does the rest. We wrap the URL in a truly responsive solution to look gorgeous on any screen resolution.

Google Map
Add a Google map to your content easily by entering your Long. and Lat. coordinates (link supplied to get this). With settings for width and height plus your text window.



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