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The web design and development process is evolving at a rapid speed and along with this responsive website designs becoming the latest trend of designing websites. Whereas responsive design frameworks are concerned, they are making it possible to develop sites faster, better and easier.

When you want to have a website designed for your business, you need to understand that the design is everything and it is the system that makes up your product.

web development article

web development article

Design System of a Website Development

A design system consists of several different elements. Therefore, you need to take everything into consideration while getting your business site designed. It is essential to take into account elements like typography, colours, icons, layouts, grids, coding conventions, documentations, voice-tone, and style-guide. A design system is a procedure that brings all these elements together and helps your site look at its best.

How to Start Designing Your Website

Before you design your website, you should establish some top level goals so that your website becomes successful.


Always get your approach right and have a well thought-out structure. Avoid messy code base while developing your site.


In the future, your site may require some of the features to be added and bugs needed to be fixed. So, you should get proper guidelines and coding conventions to fix problems easily if occurs any.


You always strive to grow your business. So, you should make sure that your website will grow too. Therefore, your new product pages or promotional pages should not be unpleasant any more.

Once you have set your objectives, you need to do an extensive research work. You can start with HTML semantics and front-end architecture. Once you are getting into developing your site, you are going to face identical modules and components in different ways. If you fail to devote extra time, you are going to have messy codebases.

If you wish you can use Inuit CSS or BootStrap. But before that you should set guidelines for HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes and think about your next approach.

How to Use Coding Conventions

Set your own set of coding guidelines based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS guidelines. For easier process, you can name these guidelines. This will be easier to understand and easier to work with your project.

Developing Structure for Base Style

Now it is time to create a primary style sheet, which can be similar to BootStrap and InuitCSS. This will help import all of site styles together. It will be better if you keep all these site styles together in a few folders.

Building Components

Once the base style is in place, have a look at the website as a whole and identify each component. The components can be anything from grid, tiles for the designs. There are more things to add to your site design such as call to action links, buttons, navigation and hero units. Take help of InuitCSS for building components. Now keep all these objects into a folder.

Building Modules

While all components are ready, use building blocks to create modules for each page. When you are finished creating various modules, keep them in a folder.

Creating Patterns

When components and modules are ready, plug them into a style guide. Once you can easily access to the style guide, creating templates for web pages becomes an easy task. It is nothing but integrating and matching modules and customising them when it is required to make your site look great.

Keep in mind that building a design system for your website is quite a tough job, involving lots of trial and error. So, if it takes a lot of time to create a site or fix it, you will end up being confused and having no results. Hence, it is better to get help from an expert web developing firm like Calgary web development firm to have an error free site. So, get in touch with the team and have a site that works for your business.

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